About Us

Consider the name itself...


Vintage: a classic – something of enduring appeal, lasting value, and high quality


Fusion: the blending of different qualities, ideas, or things into something new and much more exciting


Restorations: the creative process and techniques behind renovating, rejuvenating, and reimagining


We are Laura & JoAnne!  We are artists, designers, and teachers, kindred spirits drawn to things from the past that we love enough to nurture back to a beautiful find.  


Come in, browse our shop, discover our beautifully hand-painted furniture, unique pieces of salvage, home decor, gifts, and more. 


Join us for a fun restoration workshop or party filled with tips and tricks, encouragement, laughter, and so much more.  It is the inspiration and connection we have with you, our customers, that becomes the vision behind what we create.  


~Laura and JoAnne

Nice Words From Our Customers

"Came in with some old furniture I was going to get rid of and they brought it back to life! Also, love the custom pieces they have in the shop. Laura and JoAnne were so great to work with!"

-Kelly R.


"This place is a gem! Their painted furniture is amazing and the store is just beautiful and filled with great finds. I love everything in the store and the owners are very friendly and professional."

-Traci D.


"Went into there to look for a piece and they helped me find exactly what I was looking. Their work and items were amazing."

-Alim R. 


Vintage Fusion Restorations

11 Paterson Ave, Suite 2A, Midland Park, NJ



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