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"Our Collection"

Custom Furniture

Painting & Restoration 

Our shop has a host of furniture and home decor pieces that we beautifully restored.  We have all sizes of tables, buffets, cabinets, and so much more.  Each piece is available for in-store pickup or a delivery quote for door to door service can be provided.  


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"Your Collection"

Custom Furniture

Painting & Restoration 

Have furniture at home that is in need of restoring? We can help you refresh, renew, and re-love it!  So before you send that old piece to the dump, check with us first.  We love to transform it into something special for you. 


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Paint Products & Supplies

We are proud to be stockists (retailers) of Dixie Belle Paint and Fusion Mineral Paints and supplies.  Our shop is stocked with a full line of paints, waxes, glazes, stains, and metallics as well as a wide variety of brushes and accessories. 


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Home Decor, Jewelry & Gifts

We carry a beautiful collection of home and garden decor, jewelry & accessories, and gifts. 


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Custom Signs & Furniture

We love working with other business owners to make their store look amazing with custom signs, displays, and more.  We also do custom work for events such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.


Contact us at 201-389-6634 for custom signs, displays, and more.

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