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Vintage Fusion Services

"Your Collection"

Custom Furniture

Painting & Restoration 

Have furniture at home that is in need of restoring? We can help you refresh, renew, and re-love it!  So before you toss that old piece, check with us first.  We would love to transform it into something special for you. As experts at our craft, we only use top quality paints, finishes, and techniques to preserve the look and feel of each piece we restore.


Contact Us so we can learn more about your project.

"Our Collection"

Custom Furniture

Painting & Restoration 

Our shop has a host of furniture and home decor pieces that we beautifully restored.  We have small-sized tables, cabinets, and more.  Each piece is available for in-store pickup or a delivery quote for door to door service can be provided.  

Paint Products & Supplies

We are proud to be stockists (retailers) of Dixie Belle Paint and Fusion Mineral Paints and supplies.  Our shop is full of paints, waxes, glazes, stains, and metallics as well as a wide variety of brushes and accessories. 


See our SHOP pages or come in - we are here to help. 

Do It Yourself Workshops

With our expert guidance, you can transform that once loved family heirloom or your flea market find into something special with rich textures and colors, bringing to it new life. 


We will show you techniques, allowing you to create something beautiful, something personal, something all you!  You will gain confidence, skills, and you will have a lot of fun!  

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